Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture




Nobel 101 is a humanitarian organization on a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

It is known that the Ukrainian crisis is one of the biggest challenges that negatively affect world peace, with the option of escalating into a nuclear war.

The United States and Ukraine know each other well, the two countries are friends and are building friendly relations for the benefit of peaceful coexistence in Europe and the world. Ukraine is full of gratitude and looks forward to the future.

We have a very important job in building the future in Ukraine. We, Nobel 101, will help the Ukrainian people with the Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture. Through the cooperation and dedication of numerous humanitarian organizations, professors, teachers, lecturers of faculties of teacher education, school principals, with a large number of classrooms throughout Ukraine. We will help the Ukrainian people.

Nobel 101 The Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture contains teachings and education from pre-school, through primary school and vocational education.

On the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Users in Ukraine will decide how to adapt and apply the Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture to their users.
The citizens of Ukraine need to be able and willing to actively protect their democratic and civil rights and take an active part in democratic processes in order to ensure peace and stability.

Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture

Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture

NOBEL 101 Humanitarian Organization and Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Freedom and a multidisciplinary team of international experts will contribute in

  • Preventing and stopping the war
  • Establishing a peacekeeping mission
  • Combating international terrorism
  • Preventing the use and production of weapons of mass destruction
  • Cancelation of any kind of aggression
  • Ensuring peace, stability and protection of freedom and human rights

Mister Netanyahu

Humanitarna pomoc Ukrajini mora da ima Finansijsku podršku da bi gradjani Ukrajine odbranili svoja demokratska prava i ljudske slobode, zato je potrebna pomoć da sa Nobel 101 Enciklopedijom demokratskih vrednosti i kulture pomognemo da bude odstampana i koricena u velikom broju primeraka Ukrajinskim gradjanima.

Nobel 101 Enciklopediju demokratskih vrednosti i kulture kandidovacemo za medjunarodnu Nobelovu nagradu mira i za rezultate uspostavljanja mira u Ukrajini(Nobelovu nagradu za mir)

Humanitarian aid to Ukraine must have financial support for the citizens of Ukraine to defend their democratic rights and human freedoms, so we need help for the
Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture to be printed and used in large numbers by Ukrainian citizens.

We will nominate the Nobel 101 Encyclopedia of Democratic Values and Culture for the International Nobel Peace Prize and for the results of building peace in Ukraine (Nobel Peace Prize).

Donate to Nobel 101 Humanitarian Aid For Ukraine


For our encyclopedia of democratic values ​​along with cultures to be declared one of the best books in the 21st century to help solve the Ukrainian crisis.

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